Site Selection: LOT 5. 1300-06 Montgomery Street

Concept & Team Summary:

Field theater

St. Louis is a city which have this special ‘small town feeling’ that their inhabitants love. This atmosphere should be potentiated through spaces that stimulate people’s meetings, both organized or spontaneous.

We propose to create a small open-air theatre in lot number 5.

We chose this site because of its proximity to an art center. The theatre can be linked to it physically but also a connection of management can be made, in which the artists have a space to perform and exhibit their work to the community, and events, such as small concerts and lectures, can be done. However it won’t limit to just that. When the space is not working as a stage, it would be a square, where people can meet as they watch the children playing, since the ground will be covered in Mississippi river’s sand, just like a big sand box, in which the furniture will merge from the ground as dunes drew on the topography of the site.

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