Site Selection: LOT 3. 2613 North 14th Street

Concept & Team Summary:

Our proposal is to develop a space to serve as a catalyst for community activity in Old North. Using a thorough participatory design process, we want to cultivate neighborhood ownership for a flexible site that residents and visitors will use actively and passively.

Our team consists of three current graduate students and one alumnus of Washington University in St. Louis: Jennifer Wong, Alexander Morley, Malia Kalahele, and Paul Sorenson. Collectively, we bring together a diverse background of relevant skills and experience in art, architecture, urban design, and social work.

Through our various paths of work, we have learned a richly layered history of St. Louis. As we observe it in the present, we share a common passion to make St. Louis a more livable city. We are inspired by the regenerative work from organizations such as Old North Restoration Group, and team members have already participated in community development initiatives in St. Louis, including the Grace Hill Settlement House and the ReBuild Foundation.

We want to demonstrate that the students of WUSTL are invested in St. Louis. We believe that the Sustainable Land Lab Competition is the perfect opportunity for our team to apply our knowledge in a meaningful way.

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