Site Selection: Lot 3. 2613 N 14th Street

Concept & Team Summary:

Old North St. Louis is a neighborhood rich in potential, but limited in access to resources. To increase accessibility for neighborhood residents, connect Old North to the larger St. Louis area, and build on the growing bike culture in the City, we propose the establishment of shiftUP at 2613 N. 14th St. (Lot 3). shiftUP would be a community space to rent, maintain, and learn about bicycles. As a bike hub, shiftUP would encourage bikers from other parts of St. Louis to visit Old North and interact with the community. Direct benefits to Old North residents include free rentals, increased access to resources, improvements in health, and community education. Bike rentals to visitors would generate income for financial sustainability. shiftUP has the potential to pioneer a community-based bike share model that could be replicated in communities both within the city of St. Louis and nationwide. shiftUP is what St. Louis needs now to grow as a sustainable, environmentally-friendly, and connected community. shiftUP is designed by a committed team with unique perspectives and skills in community development and design: Laura Halfmann, MSW; naomi warren, JD/MSW; Ross Welch, M. Arch; and Kate Wilson, PhD Candidate in Mechanical Engineering at Washington University.

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