The Mighty Mississippians utilizes this lot in two ways: a demonstration garden using native plant selections or their relatives historically used by native inhabitants, and as a program platform for educational, celebratory and exploratory cultural programs. The basic calendar structure starts around the natural cycle of equinoxes and solstices, planting and sowing, and is populated with activity as the seasons and conditions dictate.

The Mighty Mississippian team modified the site through horticultural techniques, requiring minimum investment and “take down” at the end of the project. The site is an activity center, not a completed composition and therefore, will continually evolve in appearance. Secondly the nature of a lab is experimental, and includes unanticipated challenges. These could range from meager crops to unpalatable campfire stews. The team does not intend to recreate a Mississippian replica site. This is a lab, combining new and old technologies to achieve contemporary sustainable solutions.

The Mighty MIssissippians are committed to aggressively broadening community outreach, particularly in the education community.