Site Selection: Lot 3. 2613 North 14th Street St. Louis, MO

Concept & Team Summary:

United by the belief that providing communities with access to basics necessary to survive is the beginning of providing communities with the tools to thrive, the “Growing Together” team proposes a combination hydroponic farm, small business, meeting space and event venue on Lot 3. Based on the simple concept of hydroponic growing and the desire to make fresh, healthy foods accessible, the “Growing Together” team designed a space intended to serve as a source of good health, good times and economic development with its farm, its intimate low cost, low maintenance venue space, and its storefront. The “Growing Together” team believes that if St. Louis wants to rebuild, that process must begin on the most basic level with people who believe in what this city can be helping those that need this city to be all that it can. We believe we are the people to bring the community garden into Old North St. Louis in a big way and to believe in real, visible (sometimes edible) growth.

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