Site Selection: 1Lot 4. 318-24 Warren Street

Concept & Team Summary:

Studies in Richmond, Philadelphia, St. Paul, Chicago, and St. Louis have shown that residents adjacent to vacant and abandoned properties have a lower quality of life. By empowering neighboring property owners of 1314 Warren Street to take ownership over the vacant lot adjacent to their building, they will have the chance to increase the value of their property, decrease their insurance rates, and improve their neighborhood. A successful pilot of an adjacent neighbor land acquisition program in St. Louis (also known as side-lot programs) would create a model and set a legal and policy precedent that could be replicated to applicable vacant properties adjacent to willing neighbors throughout St. Louis.

Our proposed solution is not sexy, but it is site specific, psychologically empowers neighbors to take control over their neighborhood and improve its aesthetics, financially empowers neighbors by appreciating their property values and community tax base, and has a long term impact on the quality of live for residents in Old North neighborhood.

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