Site Selection: Lot 3

Concept & Team Summary:

PROJECT PROPOSAL: We propose that this space be transformed into a giant walk-through kaleidoscope. The area can be used for many purposes; i.e.: event space, party rental, concerts, plays, wedding venue, etc. Our goal is to use as many re-purposed items as possible. We would like to get most of them from the Old North St. Louis area.

The wood planks we would use would be passed out to neighborhood stakeholders to decorate, paint, and carve, into something unique to add to the benches and stage. This would be a way to give the neighborhood pride in their new attraction and a way to participate in building a community gathering area.

This setting could be replicated in many themes. Bicycles; candy land; city museum-like sculpture pass through; cultural themes; murals that look like you are walking through another city (Venice, New Orleans, Hollywood, NYC)… all aiming at becoming an attraction to event planners as wedding venues and photography backdrops.

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