Site Selection: Lot 4

Concept & Team Summary:

Our idea is to grow sunflowers on the vacant lot because sunflowers grow well here and they naturally remove toxins from the soil. Sunflowers would provide immediate neighborhood beautification (which is proven to reduce criminal activity and improve mental health in the area). Sunflowers provide several opportunities for economic development including selling the seeds as snacks and selling the oil for cooking or to refine into biodiesel fuel. We chose lot number four because we need a lot that gets maximum sunlight.

There are many benefits of sunflowers. According to GTECH, the pioneers of this model, property adjacent to green space increases in value up to 20%, whereas property adjacent to vacant land decreases considerably.

This is a simple, innovative project that provides immediate benefits as well as long term economic development potential. It provides many opportunities for community engagement and building. It could also be easily replicated throughout the city.

Our team should be selected because we have the expertise to see the long term vision through, and to truly engage the community around this project to ensure its success. Ultimately this could brand the city of St. Louis as one of the most sustainable cities in the U.S.

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