Site Selection: Lot 5. 1300-06 Montgomery St.

Concept & Team Summary:

Old North Community Canvas

We propose to establish an outdoor art gallery on this site: a Community Canvas. Through partnerships with local art museum(s), we will display weatherproof reproductions of the museum’s artworks. The space will encourage community participation in the arts through Community Curators who develop exhibitions, as well as showcases for local artists. Visitors will be inspired to think creatively about the future of the immediate neighborhood and the greater city. The Community Canvas will be a gathering place and cultural highlight for the community, as well as a destination for visitors from all over, catalyzing the further development of Old North St. Louis as an arts district.

Who We Are: STL ABC

We may not be established heavyweights, but we punch above our weight in terms of creativity and passion. We are a group of young people who came together because we care deeply about the creative potential of cities. Some of us are educators, some of us are getting educated, and some of us are even related. All of us are excited about the prospect of bringing our innovative thinking to bear on helping to make this city a special place for all of its residents.

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