Site Selection: LOT 6. 1303 Montgomery Street

Concept & Team Summary:

We propose to build, maintain, and design an urban farm, in cooperation with local artists and sustainability experts, to create a vibrant green space in the Old North neighborhood. All foodstuffs generated on the property will be sold to neighborhood farmers markets, restaurants, and co-ops, allowing the project to be financially sustainable, after an initial investment. Advanced farming techniques – including aquaponic, hydroponic, and raised soil beds – will produce fruits, vegetables, and proteins, expanding and diversifying the base of locally grown foods available in Saint Louis. All structures will be built primarily with recycled, repurposed, and/or organic materials; all farming practices will be conducted with organic inputs and pesticides only, demonstrating sustainable food production and construction practices. Additionally, we believe this project will be easily replicable in neighborhoods across the city of Saint Louis, enhancing the livability of the urban environment through sustainable design.

Saint Louis FORWARD should be selected because we are a nonprofit entity that is dedicated to promoting sustainability in the Saint Louis metropolitan area. Our efforts center on community outreach initiatives, business education, and the integration of cultural arts into the urban environment.

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