Site Selection: LOT 1. 2713 North 14th Street

Concept & Team Summary:

SPORE’s Rehabitat Hub: A DIT (do it together) an evolving toolkit for urban sustainability projects that anyone can do.

The Rehabitat Hub, an arm of SPORE Projects, is a community-driven resource serving as a demo and reuse workshop site where projects can incubate and seed. Possibilities for the hub are determined by those activating the space, creating modes for neighborhood engagement and future collaborations.

An evolving nucleus of individuals and groups, SPORE propels collective innovation through creative endeavors rooted in human to human exchange. Projects include: Chautauqua Art Lab (CQAL), Homestay Artist Residency, SPORE mobile gallery, lectures, workshops, and events.

The Team
Emily Hemeyer: SPORE Projects founder. Teaching artist. SLAP Conference co-organizer. Critical Mass board member. Arch-City Revival team coordinator for Good Ideas for Cities.

Leland Drexler-Russell: The Captain of Mrs. MacCormick’s Yard, an art and environmental design lab in Benton Park. Former coordinator of the RAD Sustainability Program at Evergreen State College in Washington.

Chloe Bethany: art teacher at Most Holy Trinity, Washington University graduate, co-founder of Pig Slop, an extinct arts space on Cherokee Street.

Zachary Zimmermann: green builder, historian, and documentarian.

Konsantin Priship: transient St. Louis Northsider, designer, permaculturist, and mastermind behind the NYC Aquatarium Barge Project.

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