We propose a modular, mobile resource center for materials and knowledge for neighborhood residents, property owners, businesses, employees and volunteers. This resource center is based on standard shipping containers (10’, 20’ and 40’ lengths) that are dropped into any accessible location and can be camouflaged to blend in. Using a central location where resources can be shared is much more sustainable model than individual ownership of such items, whether one is talking about tools (for residential construction, gardening, vehicle repair, information technology), infra-structure (bicycles, cars, WiFi, emergency generators), or know-how (instructional literature, lessons-learned, training, exhibits, meetings). This concept supports the triple bottom-line of economic, environmental and societal benefits.

Resources are made available that stimulate investment in “the neighborhood”. Money is not spent on resources that are used infrequently (tillers? Snow blowers?).

Reducing consumption by sharing instead of hoarding has far-reaching environmental benefits reaching all the way back up the supply chain. Promote the dissemination of sustainable practices at the local level.

Humans interacting by sharing knowledge and resources is fundamental to improving the human condition. Our concept proposes to do this within the context of sustainable neighborhood development.

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