Site Selection: Lot 6. 1303 Montgomery Street

Concept & Team Summary:

The unique qualities distinct to St. Louis are still living in the building fabric of the materials left to ruin. This character can be amplified through a new look at the way construction occurs under new sustainable standards and proven techniques from the past.

“Off Paper” proposed constructing a curatorial space committed to the core values and criteria of the Land Lab competition. This curatorial space would serve as a community venue for the Old North neighborhood as well as serve St. Louis with exhibitions conducive to an inclusive program of sustainable and renewable practices.

The material for the curatorial space would be reclaimed from a neighboring condemned structure. Using manual labor and obtaining materials near situ, the new paradigm of efficiency and sustainability based in people and the environment will be showcased. A vast reduction in carbon emissions would be achieved by utilizing the “mine in our backyard.”

“Off Paper” seeks to pay our labor pool twice. By employing felons who are held captive by financial restitution our project seeks to create a labor force that is focused toward a spiritual reclamation of the community. Take home pay will be matched by private donations, solely secured to pay the courts.

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