Access to information, education and people can be leveraged to increase life opportunities. Areas of vacant land separate people and limit gathering opportunities essential to building community, exchanging knowledge, and networking.

NEXtUS! is a location-specific knowledge and community-building gateway built around five primary components:
• Technology Hearth
• Gathering Place
• Shade and Energy Structure
• Active Learning Area
• Site Amenities

The Technology Hearth is a durable electronic portal to virtual educational and informational content selected for potential interest, meaning and effect in a given area. “What’s NEXt? During non-programmed periods, the Tech Hearth is opened to future NEXtUS! Tech Hearths and web nodes for cultural exploration – “Who’s NEXt?”

The Gathering Place surrounds the Technology Hearth and provides seating, leaning and standing areas for program guests and discussion events.

The Shade and Energy Structure protects the gathering area and provides energy for the Technology Hearth.

The Active Learning Area attracts younger ages, and supports those wishing to partake in TH program events. Recycled tires and berms are organized to produce an active learning and play experience.

Site Amenities enhance the NEXtUS! location and leverage natural systems to manage rainwater, heat island, and create a defined sense of place.

Who’s NEXt? US!

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