“Mound City” is a land lab study that looks at the sustainability of not only the ecology but also the economy, culture and history of the St. Louis area. This project highlights the value of St. Louis’ vacant land with a new performative mound made of cleared brush and waste from other vacant lots around the city. The team behind “Mound City” will consist of members of the ONSL community, historians, designers and engineers. This team will collaborate with local businesses and community organizations in the area, who will be encouraged to participate in the design and construction of the project. Community dialogue and investment is key for this project’s success, as their efforts will pay off both during the mound’s tenure as an energy producing public park and after its decommission when it will be used for soil in the ONSL Community Garden. “Mound City” Park will be a pilot project for what could become a widely deployable, highly visible sustainable solution for vacant sites across St. Louis, where passive energy generation is an effective, forward-looking strategy for taking advantage of the city’s abundant supply of vacant land.

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