Site Selection: Lot 4. 1318-24 Warren

Concept & Team Summary:

Our team is composed of Whitney Panneton and Maggie Grady, two St. Louis natives who proudly grew up in the City and who both recently returned after studying urban planning in Chicago and New York, respectively. They share a passion for data, maps, and above all else, St. Louis. Whitney and Maggie propose to create interactive public polling machines that are, quite literally, poles. The “Light Polls,” as they call them, are roughly ten-foot poles that would mimic the look of a utility pole. They would start out dimly illuminated and gently pulsing. A sign next to each Light Poll would display a question or a proposal. People would push a button on the Light Poll to vote for the corresponding idea. As more and more people cast votes to show support, the pole becomes brighter and brighter and the pulse becomes stronger. A sign would tally the total vote count for each Light Poll. The Light Polls would be used to encourage local conversations about redevelopment opportunities on Lot 4 and to ultimately pick a development idea for the site. We believe the Light Poll concept can be successfully applied to vacant lots throughout St. Louis.

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