Site Selection: Lot 5. 1300-06 Montgomery Street

Concept & Team Summary:

Stephen Everett and Charlene LeBleu bring a unique set of skills to this competition. Everett is a graduate of the Master of Landscape Architecture and Master of Community Planning programs at Auburn University. He is currently an Assistant Planner in the Auburn University Campus Planning Department. Charlene LeBleu, ASLA, AICP, is an Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture at Auburn University and Vice President of the Alabama Chapter of the American Planning Association. Her areas of research and expertise focus on green infrastructure and low impact development design. The concept Everett and LeBleu propose emphasizes complex social, environmental, and economic systems at play within the urban landscape. Specifically, it fosters the interaction of wildlife, residents, merchants and tourists of St. Louis. The demonstration plot is designed for habitat of the Eastern Bluebird, Missouri’s state bird. With an attention to detail based around its unique habitat infrastructure, the plot is able to increase biodiversity and accessibility, decrease stormwater runoff, ameliorate air and water quality, and build local artisan and merchant relationships to increase tourist attraction, all at a small scale. A comprehensive systems approach, however, would link similar plots to magnify the results to the scale of the city and beyond.

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