The Bistro Box concept is a small business incubator that transforms surplus cargo containers into a compact restaurant and culinary destination. Shipping containers provide an affordable, abundant and flexible shell building material ideally situated for creating a simple, unmistakably modern bistro-like environment. The container’s exteriors are utilized as a canvas to celebrate the restaurant’s unique personality and spirit. Bistro Box will integrate sustainable design and operations practices.

Young chef entrepreneurs seeking to establish a reputation apply for a 1-year fellowship residence. A consortium of established local chefs advise the young chefs and promote the concept to assure its exposure and success. At completion of the residency, chefs prepare a business plan for post residency location within the neighborhood and a new chef is engaged. The program hires and trains young people from the neighborhood in culinary skills and uses locally sourced product.

Bistro Box aspires to be an example of ecological, social, and financial sustainability (the triple bottom line) and is located where synergies can be established with the Old North Grocery Store and garden and local employment opportunities can be provided for Haven of Grace residents.