Site Selection: Lot 6. 1303 Montgomery

Concept & Team Summary:

The good news about vacant land is that there are no fences. The bad news is that there are no connections or ownership. BambooLAB creates an invested space from vacant land. It links the community’s many resources, a catalyst based on the models of freeware and shareware, connecting at individual, neighborhood, regional and global scales.

The B-hive garden will be an inviting park, community center, business incubator and ongoing urban design workshop.

The B-line linear pedestrian connector would be a fun, unique way of bringing the neighborhood together, away from the car, a new city model. (think Katy Trail folded and compressed)

Based on bamboo and its inspiring, fast-growing, oxygen-releasing nature, BambooLAB will provide entrepreneurial, volunteer and educational opportunities:
• A demonstration garden and nursery, bridging human activity and landscape, use of bamboo for outdoor rooms park
• An information kiosk and artist exhibits built from on-site material. Outdoor museum and library, commercial uses for bamboo presented
• cultural institutions involvement – satellite botanical garden, sister country activity • martial arts, sports demonstration fundraiser
• bus shelter – arts in transit collaboration

Here is an opportunity to experiment with an urban design tool that is relatively inexpensive, dynamic, and easily reversible.

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